How many invitations do I need?

The most common mistake I come across as a wedding stationer is clients thinking they need far more invitations then they actually do and consequently thinking its going to cost a lot more then it will.

The first thing to remember is that you don't need an invitation for every guest.  You wouldn't believe the number of people that come to us and initially ask for quotes on 100 invitations because they have 100 guests!

Invitations and Save the Dates tend to go a household which usually means a couple or family so you can generally cut the number in half.

The easiest way to work this out is with a good old fashioned pen and paper.  Sit down and write down everyone you want to invite and then group them up into couples/families/households and count them up.  You will inevitably have a few people that will require their own invitation but it will be a lot less then you initially thought.

Don't forget a few spares just in case!