Upgrades & Extras

A little add-on or upgrade can add go a long way in adding that little extra customization and luxury to your stationery.

You will find all of our available extras below along with prices.

To add any of these onto your stationery you will need to send us your order via our online order form


Additional information card

£0.35 each

RSVP Card + Envelope

£0.50 each

Add / Change embellishment

variable depending on the embellishment

- please contact

Glitter Envelope Liner

£1 per invitation


variable depending on amount

- please contact

Adding internal glitter/foil borders

Inside of Pocketfolds

- Just the invitation: £0.75 per invitation

- Invitation & 3 inserts: £1.50 per invitation

Inside of Card Style

£0.75 per invitation

Additional Printing (invitations):

Guest names

£0.20 per invitation

Return address on RSVP envelope:

£0.20 per invitation

Guest name & address on the main envelope:

£0.40 per invitation

Additional information printed on the

inside cover of card style invitations

£0.35 per invitation

Additional information printed on the

back of flat style invitations

(not available on all designs):

£0.35 per invitation