Invitation Styles

There are so many options when it comes to wedding stationery, it often involves words no-one ever uses in real life and can easily get really confusing  (what on earth is pocket-fold, and how is this different from a wallet??), I get it, things can get complicated pretty fast! 

To try and make it easier we have put together this helpful guide just outlining the different styles, most of our handmade collections can be made in any of these, you will find details on each of the collection pages

within the price lists.

Once you have chosen your design or collection, its time to decide on what style you would like, the style is basically a fancy word for the overall structure of the invitation and what it will look like inside, this is often dictated by how much information you need to include, we have added some handy explanations below that should make things a bit easier!

Pocket Style Invitation


Pocket styles have the main design on the front and contain a pocket inside that can look after any additional inserts you may need.

Our pocket styles open upwards with the printed invitation information above and a pocket below.  Most of our pocket styles come with 3 inserts included as standard which can be customised however you need, the smallest is usually the RSVP card which comes with a specially designed RSVP envelope to return all of your replies to you!

Card Style Invitation


Card Styles have the main design on the front and open across like a traditional greetings card revealing the invitation information inside.

The main text is usually printed on the right hand side, we can also add extra text to the left hand side if needed.

No additional inserts come with this style as standard but can be added on if required.

Wallet Style Invitation


Wallet Styles are a recent new addition to our ranges, they contain a wallet decorated with the main design and the main invitation pulls out as a separate card.

No additional inserts come as standard but can be added on if needed, additional text can also be printed on the back of the invitation insert for an additional cost.

Flat Style Invitation

Flat style invitations are generally a flat, single sided card with a simplified version of the main design incorporated around the text.  They are usually used for matching evening invitations but can equally be used for main wedding invitations as well if you don't need to include a lot of information.  Additional inserts are not usually included as standard but can be added on if needed, extra text can also be printed on the back for an additional cost.